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How To Watermark Photos With Your Logo

Watermarking your photos with your logo is not only an effective way to keep your photos protected from theft, but is also beneficial to building your brand. Here’s a quick tutorial on how you can do this absolutely free, without having to download any software. is an online image editor that allows you to watermark and edit your photos. If you’re unfamiliar, take a look at Getting Started with Watermarking.

Getting Started

  1. Login to
  2. Begin editing one or more of your photos

Importing your Logo

The first step is to import your logo. When you are editing a photo, choose the Logo tool on the bottom tool bar.


importing a logo


This will allow you to select an image from your device to be used as your logo. We recommend using a high-resolution version of your logo for it to appear in crystal clear quality across your photos.


positioning logo


Positioning, Rotating and Resizing your Logo

Once your logo has been imported, you will be able to position it and resize it as you wish. If your logo has a background that you’d like to remove, don’t worry – you’ll be able to strip that background in the next step.


logo positioned in bottom right


Removing the Background from your Logo

If your logo image is in JPG format, you’ll likely have a background color that you may not want to be seen. To remove the background, or to adjust the opacity of your logo, choose the Opacity option.


adjusting background tolerance


Removing the background from your logo is as easy as sliding. Here’s what that looks like:




Once you’re satisifed with how you’ve placed your watermark, click the blue checkmark to apply the watermark and continue editing, or the Finish button to finalize your edits.


Final Product


croissant logo applied


Mirza is a co-founder of Watermark. He is also an entrepreneur and web-developer who specializes in back-end development. If you'd like to connect with him, you can find him on Twitter: @MirzaBusatlic